Drapery Cleaning

Have you been putting off drapery cleaning because of the inconvenience? Your worries are over. You now can have your draperies professionally cleaned by Duraclean in your own home!
Think of the Benefits...   
  • You'll improve your home's indoor air quality by removing potentially damaging soil and pollutants.
  • You'll extend the life of your valuable draperies by periodic cleaning.
  • You don't have to take down the draperies then cart them to the dry cleaners.
  • Your house won't have the 'fish bowl effect' of a house with uncovered windows. 
            The Duraclean Drapery Cleaning Process


Duraclean Specialists clean your draperies right on the rods so you don't lose privacy or security. Duraclean takes care of it all with 'full-service' drapery cleaning. 

Then your draperies are cleaned without shrinkage using only the finest and freshest cleaning solutions. Your Duraclean Specialists can even dry clean the most sensitive and delicate drapery fabrics! 

Our patented pleat insert thoroughly cleans and extracts soil and pollutants from all sides of each pleat.

Let Duraclean's Gold Standard of Cleaning Work for You! 
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