Furniture Cleaning

Nowhere do you make more direct physical contact in your home than with your upholstered furnishings. 
Dust mites, pollution from outside air sources, and allergens from pets deposited on these surfaces can result in ill health for you and your family, especially family members with allergies.

Biogenic agents can get on your skin and are easily inhaled Biogenic agents are found in all homes and businesses. No matter how clean the buildings and contents appear, these agents can be negatively affecting your health. 
The Dust Mite The dust mite is found on virtually all interior surfaces and can cause ill health effects if not removed and controlled through cleaning. 

How Duraclean Can Help Keep Your Environment Clean

Duraclean can control the source of the pollutants using our unparalleled thorough and safe patented upholstery foam process through exhaustive research. 

Maximum soil and allergen removal with minimum moisture lets you use your furniture the same day. Many leading furniture retailers recommend Duraclean exclusively for the cleaning of their customers' new furniture.  

The Duraclean Furniture Cleaning Process

Duraclean's process is so unique that we can safely and effectively service traditionally hard-to-clean upholstery fabrics, including: 
  • Velvet 
  • Antique satin 
  • Haitian cotton and 
  • Sensitive ("S") dry-clean-only fabrics. 

Let Duraclean's Gold Standard of Cleaning Work for You! 
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