Spot Removal

Guide to Spot & Stain Removal 

What To Do 

We don't have all the answers, but following are some tips we've found that usually work.

1. ACT QUICKLY when something is dropped or spilled. 
2. BLOT UP liquids with clean, white, absorbent cloth or paper towel. 
3. SCOOP UP semi-solids with a tablespoon. 
4. SHATTER solids with a sharp blow of a table knife handle and vacuum up all loose material. 
5. PRE-TEST spotting solutions in an inconspicuous area to make certain they will not damage the carpet, upholstery, or the dyes in these. 
6. APPLY spotting solutions in small amounts in the order listed and blot thoroughly after each application. Take care to avoid over wetting. 
7. DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB! Start at the edge of stains and work solution in gently using a Q-tip, old toothbrush or folded soft cloth. Blot between applications and repeat until stain is removed or no further change occurs. 
8. TOWEL DRY, sprinkle with talcum powder, let dry overnight, brush and vacuum. Another technique is to cover the area with a one-half in layer of white tissue and weight down with a book. Change the wet tissues after an hour and allow to dry overnight with book on top of tissues. Remove with a brush of moderate stiffness. 


Advanced Spot Removal

Pre-clean by spot removal with special Duraclean spotting regents. Grease, gum, and other similar types of spots not removed through normal cleaning are treated and removed.

Some spots and stains are evident prior to cleaning. Often stains visible at the surface are much larger below the carpet surface where the staining material can even go through the carpet pad and into the surface of the floor. These stains can reappear at the surface of the carpet after cleaning. The very nature of some spots and stains makes it impossible, in some cases, to restore the original color of the fiber or surface after their removal. We never charge extra for pre-treatments as many of our competitors do.

Keep in mind that spot removal is performed at your own risk. 

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